About Us

In order to tell you about Elite Driver Training Services, I need to tell you how our company came into existence. My name is John Cullington. In 1984, I began my driving instruction career in San Diego, CA. working for a well established driving school who trained me to be a licensed driving instructor. The instructor training I received from this driving school was a complete joke but it was a blessing in disguise because it forced me think outside of the "driving school industry" box.

Realizing that my instructor training was woefully inept, I pursued a course of finding out why drivers (especially new drivers) had so many accidents and to find a solution to the problem. After working for six months with antiquated driver training methods, I accidentally stumbled on the beginnings of the solution while training one of my clients. Since that moment, I began a 35 year journey for creating the solution now titled, The Cullington Driving Concepts™ (CDCs). 

Creating the CDCs would not have been possible without the support of co-workers with incredible character and integrity. Terri, Mike and Greg are those people and an integral part of Elite Driver Training Services. Their unrelenting passion to help solve the driving death dilemma that plagues our country has been my inspiration. 

Driving is the #1 killer of teenagers and has been for decades so how can anyone say the driving school industry is a competent industry? It isn’t. Elite Driver Training Services does not want to be associated with the failed driving school industry so we’ve created a new term to describe our truly advanced driving instructors. 

Certified Driveologist™A licensed driving instructor certified by John Cullington that the individual possesses the knowledge, understanding and ability to proficiently teach all of the advanced driving strategies found in the Cullington Driving Concepts™

I named my business Elite Driver Training Services because the only people that I will work with are the best, the elite. We are all experts, plain and simple. From the time that you first talk with Terri on the phone until the Certified Driveologist™ finishes the driver training, you will be treated with courtesy, the truth, and unparalleled knowledge. 

Our goal is two-fold. First, teach each and every client the Cullington Driving Concepts™ in order to keep them safe and alive. Second, empower parents with advanced driver training tools and knowledge (books, DVDs, PDI mirrors, etc.) to continue the training process to ensure their child’s safety on the highway. When planning your driver education and training needs, please consider Elite Driver Training Services as your provider.

The absolute most important safety feature you can install in your car is a “Safe Driver” fully trained in the Cullington Driving Concepts™.



John Cullington