We offer two choices for doing practice tests while preparing for your written exam at the D.M.V..


One is driversprep.com which is an independent resource which offers up to date and accurate practice questions.  www.driversprep.com

The other resource is the California D.M.V. website that offers practice questions for: Regular Driver (Class C License) in English and Spanish, Commercial Driver (Class A or B License) and Motorcycle Driver (Class M License) www.DMV.com


Please understand: You should not expect to find the exact exam questions on any website, not even on your state department’s official website. Different Departments of Motor Vehicles, DMVs, release sample tests only. Questions on these sample tests resembles the real ones, but you should not hope to see the same questions on your real knowledge test (some exceptions exist).
Questions only show you the format and type of questions you may see on the real DMV test. They give you a hint of what to expect.

The best study plan is to thoroughly read and understand our eliteteendriver.com drivers ed course from chapter to chapter. Take a good look at a current Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers Handbook. Then take some of the above offered practice tests to familiarize yourself with the style of questions and their content. Learn, focus and relax we sure need better drivers on our roads so please know this is all worth it.